Beyond Reality
This is Virtual Raccoon Lab, the brand-new platform for Immersive Realities. High quality content you won’t find in the mainstream! If you are as mad as we are for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, this is your way to experience a new world at your fingertips…
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You don’t even need an internet connection once you have your games downloaded! Just grab your PC and your headset and get ready to immerse yourself!
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All content on Virtual Raccoon Lab are tested rigorously before being released to the public. This ensures whatever you play will be made to the highest standards!
VR developers are royalty!
We offer the best conditions on the market for developers so they can get the most out of the time and effort they put in! Visit our developer page for more information!
Lots more to come!
Our development team are continuously updating and improving our experience for the users. Expect a few tricks up our sleeve in the near future!
Select from top quality games, experiences and apps from a variety of different categories and prices, tailored for your VR device!
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